The Utah Valley Institute of Cystic Fibrosis is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the state of Utah since 1999. The Institute's twin missions are a) dissemination of new scientific research concerning cystic fibrosis to patients and their families, and b) sponsorship of innovative clinical trials on promising therapies for cystic fibrosis that are overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our educational mission is fulfilled in three ways: 1) maintenance of this website, with its Research files,2) a yahoo group, wlgroup2, on which listserv the UVICF offers free abstract summaries for the annual North American and European Cystic Fibrosis conferences, as well as other new research published in medical journals, and 3) a message board creating a community of CF patients and families interested in new approaches to ameliorating that disease.

Our sponsorship mission has extended to two clinical trials, one held in 2002 in Utah under the auspices of Dr. Clark Bishop. M.D. on inhaled glutathione (GSH), and one in 2011 in Italy under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Visca, M.D. on oral GSH (based on promising results from a pilot observational study). As the culmination of our (over) two decades of research, we also have a peer-reviewed published case report of three brothers who, following Dr. Bishop's Protocol, have maintained a highly preserved clinical state.

Important Disclaimer

The Utah Valley Institute of Cystic Fibrosis (UVICF) encourages all individuals with interests related to cystic fibrosis to participate, contribute, and learn about this disorder. Information on this website often recommends therapies, and this reflects the views of the members of the Institute. However, everyone should consult with their medical professional before making changes to their prescribed treatment or of that of their dependents! The Institute membership does not condone alterations to the treatment regimen of a cystic fibrosis patient without the permission and supervision of that person's physician!

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

A general, mainstream introduction to the disease cystic fibrosis is available at this link.

A good "alternative medicine" discussion of cystic fibrosis is available at this link.

How to Use This Site

The menu at the top of your screen contains several options. Our most popular subheading is "Research," which provides some excellent resources for those wishing to extend their knowledge of the disease and its treatment. Our own personal favorite is "Tributes," where the lives of two outstanding individuals who resided in Utah and who had CF are celebrated, Richard Young and Don Wood. Two other menu options are "Donate" and "Contact," which provide information on how to donate to our institute, as well as how to contact us. In the blue sidebar of our homepage, you will also find a link that provides an annual update on the Institute's activities since 1999.