Nasal Irrigation with Glutathione

Some irrigate their sinuses using sterile saline with a syringe (without a needle) and buffered glutathione. One patient used one capsule of Theranaturals' GSH Plus into about eight tablespoons of sterile saline. You can fill up the chamber of a 6cc syringe (without a needle) and tilt your head back to get the solution into your sinuses, and then right your head and let the solution drain out. Then repeat the process until you finish the entire solution of buffered GSH and saline. Another patient used a Rhino-Pik device that is expressly made to irrigate the sinuses. As CF sinuses are usually a problem spot for CF-ers, and bacteria and fungi in the sinuses is understood to "seed" the lungs, this might help. Be sure to ask your medical professional before making any changes to your CF regimen!