Theraturals' GSH Tests Endotoxin Free and is Pharmaceutical Grade

The UVICF does not take lightly the recommendation of a particular company's products. We recommend Theraturals glutathione, and as a result felt the need to check their product's purity very carefully.

First, Theranaturals' glutathione is pharmaceutical grade, meaning it tests as a minimum 98.5% pure by their GSH manufacturer, Kohjin Company of Japan, whose facilities as GMP certified.

Second, we asked Thernaturals to test the Kohjin product themselves, not only for impurities, but also for endotoxins. Theranaturals hired Nelson Laboratories, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah to perform these tests. On 1 March 2000, the UVICF received a full copy of the report by Nelson Laboratories, which describes their testing procedure in great detail. The test, which is valid according to the current state of the art testing procedures, shows that the test results are far below allowable endotoxin levels under government regulations. Indeed, for our purposes the products can be considered endotoxin-free, since any amounts were below the test's detection levels. Impurities were also checked, and were far below government regulations, and in most cases there was no detection at all.

Because of these test results, we feel confident in recommending Theranaturals' GSH products to you. The UVICF has no financial relationship with Theranaturals or any other company selling GSH.